This article looks into the Bamboo Eye Pavilion. This was a highly sustainable structure created for the 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing.

Bamboo eye pavillion 1

It was designed by Italian architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde. The structure is 1,600 m2 and is made entirely of bamboo, with 5000 poles of the moso variety required for the build.

The rationale behind the INBAR pavilion at the exhibition was to showcase bamboo to China and the world as the sustainable building material of choice.

Bamboo eye pavillion 2

Bamboo is a resource that grows rapidly and has a high tensile strength. It is lightweight and is able to replace steel and concrete for many applications.

As you can see from the image below, the structure was robust enough to support the weight of a green roof on top of it.

Bamboo eye pavillion 3

There is a nice time lapse video below, which shows the construction of the pavilion.

What you need to know

This article looked into the Bamboo Eye Pavilion. This was a structure created in 2019 for an exhibition in China.

It is a further demonstration of the attractive properties that bamboo can bring to the built environment.

Whether it be in emerging markets which are building social and economic infrastructure for the first time, or developed markets, which are upgrading their infrastructure and aiming to do so as sustainably as possible. Bamboo should be the material of choice to create successful, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing buildings for the 21st century.

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By Barnaby Nash

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