This article is the sixth part of a multi-part series looking into the world’s greenest buildings. It is based off the book of the same name by Yudelson and Meyer. I thought the book was excellent, if you are interested in sustainable buildings, I would definitely recommend that you buy and read this book.

TNT Centre, Hoofddorp

This week we will be looking at the TNT Centre in Hoodfddorp, in the Netherlands.

This building stood out for the emphasis the owners placed on connectivity and energy positivity.

The scheme was recognized for its efforts, scoring Platinum in the LEED rating system and achieving a score of 1,005 in the Dutch GreenCalc+ system. It is worth pointing out that in this system buildings with a score of 750 or more achieve the highest energy label category A+++, showing that this is a highly sustainable building.

The building possesses a large atrium, which forms the central meeting space. It is oriented to allow daylight to penetrate the atrium. Within the atrium stepped terraces encourage building users to walk between floors rather than using the elevators.

The building is designed with a fully glazed north façade, whereas the south façade is half closed to prevent overheating in summer.

In terms of occupant wellbeing, smart blinds, zero emission materials and natural ventilation provide a pleasant indoor environment.

The energy system developed for this building stood out for being creative and highly effective. This is comprised of a long-term energy storage system, a biofuel combined heat and power plant and solar panels. The synchronised combination of these three technologies allows the building to be energy positive, distributing surplus heat to other buildings nearby.

This allows the building to report a very impressive energy intensity of 97.8 kWh/sq m.

What you need to know   

This article is the sixth part in a multi-part series where I am picking out my favourite buildings from Yudelson and Meyer’s book The World’s Most Sustainable Buildings.

Today was the turn of looking at the TNT Centre in Hoodfddorp, in the Netherlands.  

This building stood out for its great success in creating a workspace that connects its occupants and for creating a building that is energy positive, to the extent it has a surplus that it can supply to nearby buildings.

I also thought that the exterior and interior design was eye catching, proving that highly sustainable buildings can look good too.

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By Barnaby Nash

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