Travels in Sri Lanka 2

This article looks into week 4 of my holiday in India and Sri Lanka in December 2019.

On Monday I travelled from Ella to Unawatuna, which is on the south coast of the country.

The drive was very interesting in itself and we went past many beautiful waterfalls and I was lucky enough to see an elephant on the journey.

Travelling through Sri Lanka, I have been impressed with the amount of interesting Buddhist temples that you pass. I have posted a picture of one we went past below.


Unawatuna was a very beautiful place with friendly locals.

I have posted a picture below of the view from my accommodation. This was a great place to spend Christmas.


The main beach in Unawanatuna was very beautiful and was a fun place to spend time over Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


After Unawanatuna I unravelled to Galle. This was a nice city. It was reasonably busy in the city centre and in the old town.

The Galle Fort is one of the most iconic things to visit in the city and it was a nice place to spend time during the day and in the evening.


In Sri Lanka you are never very far away from nature. On my birthday I did a river cruise with an experienced guide that helped us look for wildlife.


These proved difficult to photograph, but I did manage to see the following from the river: water moniotors, which are a type of lizard, several interesting types of birds and plants, wild peacocks, water buffalo and quite a few monkeys.

blue water lily

Pictured above is a Blue Water Lilly, which is the national flower of Sri Lanka.

What you need to know

This article looked into week 4 of my holiday to India and Sri Lanka in December 2019.

The coastal areas in Sri Lanka are very beautiful and have excellent weather at this time of the year.

It has rained at times but the temperature and sunshine has been invigorating.

The beaches are extremely clean and the water is very clear, with lots of good waves.

I had never been abroad for Christmas but this has been a great experience.

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By Barnaby Nash

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